DS AUDIO’S 002: Smaller, Lighter and Bluer

29th December 2016

A new cartridge system design from DS Audio that offers a smaller and lighter equaliser/power supply


We don’t know a great deal about the new design but we can compare a few essential details of the new product over the more established products.


To begin, the new DS002 retains the basis of the technology, the phono-electric conversion system with an output of 500mV and more with 25db of separation (or 20db in the case of the DS-W1).


The most obvious differences, though, are contained in the cantilever and stylus types. For example, the DS Master1 offers a sapphire cantilever with a micro ridge stylus. The DS-W1 has a boron cantilever plus Shibata: as does the DS002. The difference is that the DS002 arrives with an aluminium cantilever.

There are weight similarities too as the DS002 is the same weight, at 8.1g, to the DS Master1 but heavier than the DS-W1 which weighs in at just 6.5g.


The DS Master1 sits within a Super Duralumin chassis but, like the DS-W1, the DS002 utilises an aluminium chassis.


For the DS002’s EQ unit, the front features a single power button with, on the rear, a pair of RCA outputs with a single cut-off below 30Hz by 6db/oct and a second RCA pair offering the same but with an additional cut off below 50Hz by 6db/oct.


You’ll also find a ground socket and a pair of inputs.


The DS002 measures 310 × 92 ×235mm which is rather smaller than the DS Master1 at 436 × 161 × 395mm or the DS-W1 at 325 x 96 x 210mm. The DS002 also weighs in at 4.7kg which, again, is a lot lighter than the DS-W1 at 6kg or the DS Master1 at 24kg.


We’ll learn more when the DS002 is released on 20 January 2017.


To learn more, click www.ds-audio-w.biz