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    Vinyl News #10 on YouTube

    In this episode? You can find Miles Davis, Radiophonic Workshop, Squarepusher and many more! Labels taking part in this video include Mobile Fidelity, Silva Screen, Wah Wah and Warp. [Don’t forget…

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    Vinyl News #9 on YouTube

    The latest issue of Vinyl News on YouTube – Episode 9 already? Blimey, time’s flying folks! In this episode, you’ll find a host of new release. Examples come from the likes…

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    Going Grey #4 on YouTube

    Featuring an overview releases of, shall we say, rather dodgy parentage from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Soft Machine, Queen and David Bowie Paul Rigby looks at limited-edition 7″ and 12″…

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    Vinyl News #5: YouTube Video

    …including releases from Hank Marvin, Pulp, George Benson, Rick Wakeman & more! Another batch of vinyl for you from the likes of Munster in Spain, the UK’s own Demon and the…

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    Vinyl News #4: Rock, Jazz & Funk

    Lots of goodies in this episode including releases from Van Halen, two from Simple Minds, Arve Henricksen and I wonder if you remember CRAC? This episode includes three box set collections…you can…

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    The Vinyl Wall: On YouTube

    I’ve had a few people ask about the changing vinyl LP covers displayed on the rear of all my YouTube videos. What on earth are they all? Which is why I’ve…

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    New! First episode in the Going Grey series looks at new David Bowie rarities and collectables Aimed at music enthusiasts and, in this particular case, fans of David Bowie, the Going…

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    That’s right, starting from today, my new YouTube channel is now open for business! It will cover hi-fi and music and there’s a few videos covering both subjects already uploaded for you…

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