Cassette – A Documentary Mixtape

5th August 2018

This cassette documentary almost past me by but I’m glad I found it and I thought I’d shout about it, just in case you’ve missed it too

Funded via Kickstarter, this documentary has been completed and is out now to view via iTunes with more information available on Facebook.

Spanning almost 90 minutes, the film talks to a range of people including musicians Henry Rollins and Thurston Moore about the format.

Most significantly and the principle reason to view the film is the appearance of Lou Ottens…

…the principal member of the cassette R&D team at Philips, the company that introduced the format onto the world. 

There’s a very nice interview with Ottens via The Register HERE.

You can also find an appearance from National Audio Company president and co-owner Steve Stepp, a factory who produce new cassette tapes. Actually, you can also see more of Mr Stepp elsewhere on this site, HERE

Finally, this little gadget below is seen as one of the reasons that cassette exists. The success of the Philips EL 3585 was inspirational to the company further exploring portable recording.


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