Carbon Interconnect From Kimber Kable

7th August 2019

Russ Andrews is introducing the Kimber Carbon Interconnect cable, the first in a number of Carbon Series products that refers to the, “…electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer used between the Teflon dielectric and VariStrand 19.5 AWG conductors,” said the company

Carbon Interconnect From Kimber Kable

Building on the work done during the development of the popular Axios range, the Kimber engineers have continued the Carbon braid transition to the left and right channel connectors, eliminating the need for any soldered joints.

Carbon Interconnect From Kimber Kable

The cable is fitted with the WBT 0114 CU RCA plugs. Optional XLR connectors can be specified, as can the upgraded WBT 0114 Ag silver plated RCA plugs.

The cable is hand-built to order and available now. As for prices…

  • 0.5m pair  – £525
  • 0.75m pair  – £580
  • 1m pair  – £635

XLR available at no extra cost. WBT 0114 Ag costs an additional £110.

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