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Paul Rigby firstly looks at broad issues regarding buying an integrated amplifier then examines a range of integrated amplifiers from differing price points

This video is mainly aimed at the beginner. It’s also the first is a planned series. Other, more specialist amplifier videos are planned for the future.

For now? Hopefully everyone can take something away from this one. 

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  • Reply
    John Jeffrey
    7th November 2020 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Paul
    Great to see some valve options in your list. I’d like to offer an alternative at the top price point:
    Art Audio Diavolo Integrated (3 inputs. 300B SET, made in the UK and upgradeable).
    It’s not cheap but not insanely expensive either and the sound quality… . It’s my ‘forever amp’.

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    Mark Vradenburg
    8th January 2021 at 2:18 pm

    My favourite integrated is my current integrated, a Leben CS-300XS 15 watt integrated, but with the necessary change of replacing the Sovtek valves with NOS Amperex valves. The two 12AX7 were replaced with Amperex Medical Grade (low noise), the four EL-84 with Amperex Hammond organ valves.
    For phone stage I run a Leben RS-30EQ, the valves it came with just fine, but being a MM, and my using a MC cartridge (Phasemation PP-2000), I have had to put in a pair of Phasemation T-2000 step up transformers in line with it. It may seem lopsided to run £15,000 worth of cartridge and SUTs into a £3000 phono amp and £3500 Integrated, albeit with NOS Amperex valves, but it sings beautifully.

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