13th October 2016

Hand-built by ATC in the UK, the P2 class A/B stereo power amplifier is designed to complement the brand’s range of hi-fi preamplifiers

Rated at 300W and developed in tandem with the P2-Pro studio amplifier, the ATC P2 is a Dual Mono design.


Within a new chassis design featuring a 12.7mm brushed aluminium front panel, the P2’s layout includes a custom-made 400VA low-noise transformer for each channel and an output stage involving three pairs of MOSFET devices per channel to achieve peak current output of over 15 amps. The gain of the P2 matches that of the lower power P1 (150W) so that they can be used together in bi-amp or tri-amp systems connected via the amplifier’s ‘Link’ phono inputs/outputs.


The ATC P2 offers balanced XLR and unbalanced ‘link’ phono inputs, ‘link’ phono outputs, proprietary 4mm speaker terminals and IR remote control. Other features includes a ATC discrete MOSFET grounded source output stage a span of 141 x 448 x 337mm and a 30kg weight. Price is £3,125.

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