45 Central: CNC Turntable Adaptors

1st February 2018

Aimed at those users looking to play dinked 7” singles. “Rather than use cheap hollow made metal, lightweight plastic or wooden imitations,” decried 45 Central, it has produced a range of heavy, aluminium CNC-created adaptors

It’s been a while since I featured 7″ single adaptors. In fact, the last was HERE. You can also personalise your adaptors by having your name or – if you’re terribly street cred – your DJ name or even a short message (be profound, kids) etched on the 45 Central Classic adaptor model.

45 Central: CNC Turntable Adaptors

45 Central Bullet at £12.45

The adaptors themselves are simple yet stylish in design. They range from the Classic (£11.45) which is 29mm in height and 42g in weight to the 45 Central King, 2-in-1 (£49.45) which is actually a stabiliser weight (designed to enhance sonics) that fits neatly of an included adaptor. This large product is 402g in weight.

45 Central: CNC Turntable Adaptors

45 Central King

To learn more, click www.45central.co.uk