ZX Series Speakers From Mission 

20th November 2019

Mission has launched the pinnacle of its current line-up. The top tier of its range. ZX builds on the success of QX, with new drive units, motor systems and crossover networks, wrapped in a curved cabinet 

ZX Series Speakers From Mission 

The 2 – the 1 is pictured above

The ZX Series comprises eight models: two standmount speakers (1 and 2), three floorstanders (3, 4 and 5), two home cinema centre speakers (C1 and C2) and a surround speaker for on-wall siting (S).

ZX Series Speakers From Mission 

The 3

The vast majority of hi-fi loudspeakers on the market utilise a tweeter with a domed diaphragm. Unlike traditional dome tweeters, the centre of the textile Mission Ring Dome treble unit is fixed, and the voice coil is attached partway down the dome. This forms the dome into two rings with the voice coil in the centre.

ZX Series Speakers From Mission 

Rearward radiation from the Mission Ring Dome unit vents into an enclosed chamber filled with damping material, acting like a dedicated ‘cabinet’ for the high-frequency unit. 

ZX Series Speakers From Mission 

Mission has steadily improved its DiaDrive mid/bass units. The seamless diaphragm is made from an aluminium matrix, while the subcone is vented to remove trapped air behind.

The 5

The smoothly dished diaphragm is coupled to an inverted surround, connected not at its edge but part way down the cone. The inverted surround has a vented cover.

Mission has built special bracing systems inside the ZX Series cabinets that locate and brace the drive unit magnets. 

Specially made damping material is placed internally. This works in tandem with slot-shaped reflex ports exiting at the rear of the cabinets; the flair of these ports is serrated.

There are two sizes of DiaDrive units in the ZX Series – one with a 130cm diaphragm used throughout the range, the other with a 165mm diaphragm reserved for the bass drivers in the largest floorstander, the ZX-5. In the case of the ZX-1 compact standmount model, the DiaDrive unit is positioned according to Mission’s Inverted Driver Geometry (IDG) – the bass/mid driver is sited above the treble unit rather than below, to aid time-alignment.

The other stereo models, from the ZX-2 to the ZX-5, extend IDG to a full D’Appolito array, siting the treble unit between a pair of DiaDrive units – one above, one below. The ZX-2 and ZX-3 are configured as two-way speakers, with both DiaDrive units covering bass and midrange. The ZX-4 and ZX-5 add additional bass drivers in a three-way configuration, with separate drivers dedicated to low and midrange frequencies.

The Mission ZX Series is available from the end of November, finished in a choice of gloss-lacquered black or white. 


1: £599 per pair 

3: £1099 per pair 

5: £1599 per pair 

C1: £499

2: £749 per pair

 4: £1299 per pair 

S: £599 per pair 

C2: £599

To learn more, click www.mission.co.uk

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