YG Acoustics: Here’s the FAQ On its New Raq…um, Rack

20th December 2016

YG Acoustics, ­high-­end speaker manufacturer, has introduced its first audio rack series: Rack 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6.

The Rack series was initially designed as a tool for internal use. The factory’s listening room needed a vibration-­free, solid platform to allow equipment to play under optimal conditions.


The resultant design can be optimised in minutes for the weight of the specific component that it supports.

The Racks 1.3, 1.4 and 1.6 are modular. The construction allows for the addition of shelves and for horizontal expansion, without the need to replace the existing Rack.


Currently, the Rack 1.3 is presented in three shelves, the Rack 1.4 in four shelves (you can sense a pattern here, can’t you?) with the Rack 1.6 shelves at…wait for it, six shelves.

The internal width spans­ 600mm with the internal height ­ adjustable in 25mm increments. For the load limit, the bottom shelf can handle­ up to 97kg while the top/middle shelf up to 61kg.


Outer dimensions and Rack weights includes: Rack 1.3 ­ 590 x 650 x 540mm and 51kg; Rack 1.4 ­ 870 x 650 x 540mm and 69kg plus, for the Rack 1.6, ­ 590 x 1270 x 540mm and 97kg. Price is TBA.


To read more, click www.yg-acoustics.com or call 001 801 726 3887

You can see more on the rack itself by clicking on this video LINK.