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WTP’s Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

WTP Audio is launching the Serene Project, six upgrades designed and manufactured in Britain to act as upgrades for the Linn  Sondek LP12

The Serene Project comprises six components, all of which have been designed to improve the performance of the part it replaces while maintaining compatibility with the original components.

Arm Board (£48-54) or Sub-Chassis (£199)

Arm Board & Sub-Chassis (£220)

WTP's Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

The boards can be used together or with their standard Linn counterpart. Made in the UK from a material called Solid Surface, composed of acrylic polymer and aluminium among other minerals, “It is profoundly inert,” said the company. “The underlying issue with the standard sub chassis and arm board is the connection between the two. Over time, it loosens and the wooden thread becomes weak. Our Arm Boards use metal threaded inserts, to ensure a solid connection with the Sub-Chassis that won’t loosen or deteriorate over time.”

Serene Base Board (£120)

WTP's Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

The Serene Base Board is machined from 12mm thick Solid Surface and has three adjustable Sorbothane feet, “Together they provide a stable platform dissipating external and internal vibrations from roaming free within the LP12,” said the company. Holes have been cut out to allow for easy access to the springs and arm board. It is recessed to sit flush and keep the original look of the LP12.

Serene Cross Brace (£36)

WTP's Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

The crystal on the LP12 power supply is very sensitive to vibrations. This component is crucial in delivering a uniformed frequency and obtaining a constant torque from the motor. The Serene Cross Brace is an, “…inert platform to empower your Valhalla and/or Hercules power supplies to perform at their best, as well as stiffening up the original wood plinth,” said the company. To supplement the seating of the acrylic, WTP uses rubber studs to mount the circuit board to, “…eradicate any remaining vibrations entering or exiting the power supply.”

Serene Plinth (£850) includes base Serene Baseboard

WTP's Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

Weighing 5kg, it again uses Solid Surface as the material of choice. It apparently took over a year and 12 prototypes to finalise the modification. The plinths are available in black or white as standard, alternatively you can choose from over 80 colour options. Fluted plinths are also an option. All the holes have threaded brass inserts in for easy installation and longevity. The plinth comes with the Solid Surface Baseboard and Cross Brace as standard.

Serene Top Plate

WTP's Serene Project For Linn Sondek LP12

“The standard top plate has some major weaknesses,” said WTP. “It’s made from 1.5mm thick stainless steel which over time can warp, which in turn offsets the suspension alignment. Our top plates incorporate an advanced vibration dissipation layer.”

Serene Top Plate Standard (£120-140) Introductory Offer (£100)

The first layer is made from 1.5mm high-grade stainless steel or aluminium. This layer fits flush with the top of the plinth. The second layer is a 2mm of stainless steel that adds an extra level of thickness to help prevent warping, sandwiched between the two is a vibration dampening layer

Serene Top Plate 7mm (£200-£220) Introductory offer (£155)

The first layer can either be brushed stainless steel or aluminium. The second layer is made from 5mm thick aluminium that is machined flat on both sides, sandwiched between the two is a vibration dampening layer.

The company also offers three kits:

Kit 1: Cross-brace, Arm board, Base Board (£264-£270)

Kit 2: Plinth, Cross Brace, Base board, Top Plate (£1,020–£1,038)

Kit 3: All components (£1,200–£1,224)

The above includes a 60 day money back guarantee. Free delivery on all UK orders.

To learn more, click wtpaudio.co.uk or call 07710235333 or email [email protected]

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  • Reply
    Dave hattey
    12th February 2018 at 4:26 pm

    The first audiophile deck. The axis still sounds better than most tables in the 3 thousand usd tables today. Imho

  • Reply
    Mike Foley
    14th February 2018 at 6:43 pm

    As someone who has both sold and owned LP12s, what concerns me is the installation of these new parts. Setting a Sondek isn’t difficult, but it is fiddly and can be frustrating, especially without the jig to held the thing whilst messing around with the springs etc. Does the manufacturer fit the upgrades, or is the customer expected to fit them?
    I no longer own a Sondek, nor am I now involved in the industry, so no axe to grind, just asking.

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      14th February 2018 at 11:33 pm

      Hi Mike
      From what I can see, fitting is down to the customer.

      • Reply
        R houghton
        10th May 2018 at 4:37 pm

        i await the cross brace and potentialy top plate assy (7mm.)
        MY LP12 .?
        PLEASE how do i pay for these an enabe my trial to commence.?
        ITlooks great on paper but I realy want to hear the complete unit..

        • Reply
          Paul Rigby
          10th May 2018 at 4:48 pm

          This sounds like an issue between you and WTP – have you purchased items from WTP and have yet to receive them? Have you called WTP direct to enquire? I’m afraid I’m just a journalist reporting on the company’s product news. I have no association with the company itself.

  • Reply
    R houghton
    10th May 2018 at 4:52 pm

    i have heard number of good things said about this system and truly would like to listen to this myself .
    It seemsht their is much going on with the development with this new concept though with others as well. to make haste at a slower pace and reduce the range might just be a winner. Theo !

    R H.


    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      10th May 2018 at 4:59 pm

      I’m still in the dark – sorry. You will need to contact the company directly using the contact details at the end of the news piece.

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