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Wireless Speaker System From Piega

Using the Piega Connect interface, the Premium Wireless Series, which is based on the current Premium Series with polished aluminium cabinets in silver, black or white, allows you to connect its active speakers to different multiroom systems. Bluetooth aptX is also supported

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

The Premium Wireless Series consists of three wirelessly controllable active speakers plus the Piega Connect interface to connect the speakers to a hi-fi or multiroom system.

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

Signals are transmitted via a digital wireless link as well as Bluetooth.

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

You connect the source of amplifier to the analog init or one of the digital inputs of the Piega Connect interface and select the frequency for transmission. Decide if the volume is to be controlled by the amplifier of the Connect and you’re away.

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

The system is independent and not connected to your home Wi-Fi system, although the system has to be powered from the mains.

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

As such, the system features an auto on/off switch built in. Modes acting as EQs for speaker positioning: neutral, close to a wall or corner, are also included. Due date is April 2019.

Wireless Speaker System From Piega


Premium Wireless 301 – £1,980

Premium Wireless 501 – £3,980

Premium Wireless 701 – £4,980

Piega connect – £499

There is also a special package price on the 301 set-up

Premium Wireless 301 pr + Piega connect – £1,999

Wireless Speaker System From Piega

To learn more, click www.piega.ch 

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