Wilson audio Yvette: a compact Floorstander speaker…well, for Wilson

21st January 2017

Slotting in between the ‘entry-level’ Sabrina and Sasha W/P Series 2 in Wilson’s range, the enclosure is built primarily from two Wilson-developed composites: the third generation of X-Material and S-Material

The S-Material midrange baffle is angled to its own plane in order to optimise its time-domain relationship between the woofer below and the tweeter above. Wilson’s engineers designed a new venting system for the midrange enclosure, similar to those found on the XLF, Alexx, Alexia and Sasha Series 2.


The tweeter baffle is built from XMaterial and, like the mid baffle, is optimised for time-domain performance and dispersion. The X-Material woofer baffle is also positioned in the vertical array. As is true for the Sabrina, Alexx, and the upcoming WAMM, Yvette’s bass baffle angles back slightly toward the midrange.


The lowest section of the enclosure, below the woofer, changes direction again, and is perpendicular to the ground.


Wilson’s resistor tuning system, located in an isolated chamber on the rear of the enclosure, can be accessed through a cover on the rear of the loudspeaker. It features improved hardware and accessibility over that found in the Sophia 3.


The Yvette employs the MK III version of the Convergent Synergy Tweeter, which is also found in the Sasha Series 2 and the Alexx. Wilson’s proprietary 179mm midrange driver, is the same unit found in the Alexandria XLF.


The 254mm woofer chosen for the Yvette was (one of two woofers) originally developed for the Alexia, and is a cousin to the 254mm in the Alexx and the upcoming WAMM.


Hand-build in Utah, USA, and finished in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility to each customer’s specific colour requirements, the speakers are priced at £28,880 per pair.

To learn more, click www.absolutesounds.com or call 020 8971 3909