Wharfedale DX-1 SE 5.1 speaker system

29th January 2016

The DX-1 SE 5.1 speaker system from Wharfedale consists of four satellite speakers for the front and rear plus a similarly diminutive centre
speaker and a compact active subwoofer. The speakers take their design cues from the Diamond stand-mount speakers, albeit shrunk to a much smaller size – the satellites are just 19cm high.

The DX-1SE replaces the DX-1 HCP, a similarly diminutive speaker package. The new package sports fine-tuned drivers, increased efficiency and redesigned cabinets with larger internal volumes. Each DX-1 SE Satellite sports a 19mm silk dome tweeter and 75mm mid/bass driver with a woven polypropylene cone – woven polypropylene is used for its combination of lightness, strength and rigidity. The enclosure is an infinite baffle (closed-box) design, which aids the speakers’ ability to be sited in close proximity to a wall without adversely affecting their performance.

The DX-1 Centre incorporates the same silk dome tweeter flanked by two 75mm mid/bass drivers. Its design includes an aperiodic loading system consisting of a vent that is filled with resistive porous foam to control airflow.
The matching WH-D8 active subwoofer combines a 200mm long-throw bass cone with a 120W amplifier.

Available in high-gloss black or high-gloss white, the speaker package is available for £400.

To learn more, call 01480 447700 or click on www.wharfedale.co.uk