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WASANBON Record Cleaner: Japanese Brush System combines practicality with art


Kashoen Co. from Kumano, Hiroshima has always been known as a creator of cosmetic brushes but the company suddenly realised that it could not only turn its brush technology to vinyl record cleaning but do so with a sense of style

“The brushes suggest that record care should be a labor of love and not some drudgery required to appreciate your music,” said the company.

The cleaning system – and I suppose that it is a system – features three different brushes with a total of four processes to clean your record. For those that prefer a non-invasive, dry clean, this is a system that might attract.

I’ve included a YouTube video which shows the system in action, below, but here is a quick instructional run-down, direct from the company.

1: Anti-Static Brush (Light Green)

Gently apply the brush to the record, drawing concentric circles. This will facilitate the ease of clearing away dust and debris.

2. Straight Brush (Pink)

Wipe debris from the record by applying the brush in concentric circles from the inner grooves outward. Removes the outer layer of larger particles from the record surface.

3. Spread-Tipped Brush (Orange)

Following the groove of the record, use the brush to draw concentric circles from the inner grooves outward. Removes smaller particles from deeper in the record groove.

4. Anti-Static Brush (Light Green)

Gently apply the brush to the record, drawing concentric circles. Electrostatic discharge will prevent dust and debris from clinging to the record.

Note: Apply these steps to your records depending on the condition of each disk. For example, follow steps 1 through 3 for records that have not been listened to for some time. For records that are listened to regularly, forgo step one and apply only steps 2 and 3.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 17.17.58

The company added that, “A seldom used bristle was matched to the purpose-made “Sakiware” brush. It utilises synthetic hog hair, which was developed for use in paintbrushes but proved unsuitable for painting because the tips are too finely separated. Conversely, for the very same reason the bristles are optimal for reaching deep into the record grove to remove fine particles of dust and debris.”

Price is $100 for the set.

To learn more, click www.jico-stylus.com

To see the YouTube video of the set ‘in action’, click HERE.

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