Walker Audio E-SST Super Silver Treatment

3rd February 2015

Silver is the best carrier of a signal known to Hi-Fi. Hence the reason why pure silver cables are so expensive

Hence, this intriguing tweak caught my eye and I just had to try it out. It consists of a small glass jar filled with an ultra-pure silver flake that has been enhanced by cryogenic treatment. In effect, this gooey looking substance, that also includes an organic carrier, chosen for its dielectric qualities, looks like runny silver paint and is ready for application by any one of the supplied sponge applicators.

Using one of these, which also arrives with small plastic hoods to preserve the silver-soaked sponge, you apply just a small amount of the precious silver on half to three-quarters of the length of the male end of the interconnect pin. Then you add the silver to the outside only of the female end of the related socket. All that is left to do is plug in your cable and listen. The treatment can also be used on XLR plugs, power cables, speaker cables and more. You can even add the SST to the pins of valves (after a light application of sandpaper).

Spinning the Ennio Morricone’s classic, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly via my Densen B-475 CD player and treating the interconnect between it and my pre-amp, it was notable how much more reverb was present over the entire track. The owl-like whistling at the beginning of the track was smoother while the midrange, generally, was richer and more melodic.

Moving to my Origin Sovereign turntable and 10cc’s title track to the LP, How Dare You’ via treated speaker cables, the results were remarkable. The bass offered a weightier bottom end and the brief, introductory speech, presented enhanced clarity. Secondary percussion was precise with a more effective attack.

Me? I’m off to paint all my cable ends silver!

Walker Audio E-SST Super Silver Treatment

Price: £168.98

Tel: 01733 350878

Website: www.analogueseduction.net