W35 Planet Speakers From Elipson

13th November 2019

Elipson’s latest addition to its Planet Series of loudspeakers, the W35 wireless speaker is spherical and embeds HD wireless audio technologies 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported, as is multi-room functionality when you add additional W35s around the home from your Wi-Fi network connection.

A full remote control is supplied, Elipson has also created it’s own app for the W35, for operation from iOS or Android smartphone and tablets.

The W35 is also compatible with all Amazon Alexa devices.

The 35cm diameter sphere has been designed with two cloth frames separated by a central band.

You can find push buttons for power, source, mute and volume can be found at the front, with wired connections around the back. 

Housed within are two 165mm mid-bass drivers with two centrally mounted 25mm tweeters powered by a 350W (RMS) amplifier.

A tri-pod or single column stand can also be bought but you can mount the speaker on the wall or from the ceiling.

The new Planet W35 wireless speaker, weighs 9.5kg each.

They will be available in the UK later this month and available in charcoal grey at £799 each.  

To learn more, click www.elipson.com

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