Pro-Ject VT-E BT: the first Bluetooth-equipped vertical turntable

20th February 2017

The VT-E BT enables users to attach the turntable directly to a wall. Alternatively, the VT-E BT can employ its supplied feet and rear support to stand on a desktop, shelf or table…but with added Bluetooth


The VT-E BT is based upon the Elemental turntable.  To get spinning, the user just needs install the belt and platter, nothing more. Once up and running, the supplied record clamp ensures that the record doesn’t slip, while the carefully sprung tonearm stays in its vertical place.

The turntable’s built-in Bluetooth technology wirelessly connects with speakers. It is also possible to physically connect the VT-E BT, via the supplied cable, to a hi-fi.


Available in gloss black, red, or white the VT-E BT comes with all the required accessories.

The VT-E BT L is available on special order in a left-handed version.


The Pro-Ject VT-E BT is available now at £379.

To read more, click or call 01235 511 166.