Roth Audio’s VA4: Keeping Fit with a new Active Speaker System

4th November 2016

Roth Audio has introduced the VA4 Active Speaker System


The system is equipped with a switchable phono/analogue RCA input, so that users simply plug in their turntables. Also, for line-level sources, such as a CD player, the same connection is used, with the switch set to ‘Line’.  Alternatively, the optical digital input or the 3.5mm stereo input can be used.  For those that require a contemporary connection, the VA4 also supports Bluetooth with aptX, enabling the streaming of music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets or PC/Macs.


The VA4 features 102mm woofers and 25mm tweeters 40W, built-in amplifiers. For larger rooms, the ‘Sub Out’ enables the connection of a sub-woofer (sold separately).


The system includes a remote control that offers source-selection, volume up and down, tone adjustment and standby mode. Bluetooth devices can also be controlled with play/pause, previous, next and pairing. Completing the feature set, a USB charging socket is also provided, allowing users to charge their devices as they stream.


The black-ash cabinets are complimented with a choice of baffle colours – gloss red, gloss white and gloss black.  All finishes come with detachable black cloth grilles.


Spanning 220 x 140 x 170mm and weighing 5.6kg, the speakers cost £199.

To learn more, click or call 01753 682782