V-Moda Crossfade II headphones: wireless or wired

31st March 2017

These over-ear circumaural Bluetooth headphones, weighing 309g, use 50mm dual diaphragm drivers as inner and outer rings look to separate the bass from the mids to prevent sonic ‘bleeding’ into each other while the design is certified for Hi-Res Audio, qualifying it in wired mode only though, by the Japan Audio Society (JAS)


Based on a steel frame with a SteelFlex headband and durable cables (good for a million bends, apparently), the chassis features a CliqFold hinge for folding and storage and V-PORT vents for air circulation.

The stack of technology brand names and keywords, formulated to amaze and make you gape in wonder doesn’t stop, though. Gamers will be happy to learn that you can also attach a BoomPro microphone for PS4 or Xbox One use while the BLISS memory foam cushions that look to hug the ear along with passive noise isolation is joined by a hidden microphone with a 1-Button SpeakEasy cable that allows calls on the move.


Speaking of which, Bluetooth operation reportedly works up to 30ft from a paired device while you can pair the headphones with two sources at a time (a smartphone and laptop, for example). The battery apparently lasts for over 14 hours.


Optional 3D printed ‘shield’ kits can feature your own logo on the shield itself with a colour of your choice.


Prices start at $330 for the matt black and matt white. A Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth-equipped version decked out in Rose Gold costs $350.


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