Unison Research Unico 90 Amplifier: Ultra-linear integrated 

23rd August 2017

An alternative high-end offering to the Unico 150, the 90 offers lower power specifications but only a two-stage circuit with zero global feedback

The Unico 90 is an integrated amplifier designed to accommodate a variety of sources via its three RCA and two XLR pair inputs, fixed and variable RCA outputs as well as the bi-wirable speaker terminals. The Unico 90 borrows the same three-plate front fascia introduced with the Unico 150. Operation is done via the large front-panel controls or the supplied RC2 system remote.

The whole pre-amplifier section of the Unico 90 is entirely passive. The ALPS volume dial is armoured at four points, the input switching control decouples inactive source inputs and also employs miniature mechanical relays made to very fine tolerances.

The valve complement is made up of ECC83 valves in double-triode totem pole configuration and ECC81 in parallel totem pole. The result of the circuitry effectively delivers six triodes per-channel. Inside the output stage, three pairs of HEXFETs are used per-channel.

The Unico 90 is a dual-mono amplifier and three pairs of thermo-stable Class AB HEXFETs are used per-channel to provide 160W.

It will be available in a silver or in black for a £100 surcharge. Price is £3,500.

Spanning 43.5cm x 18cm x 44cm it weighs in at 20kg.

For more information, call 01235 511 166  or click www.henleyaudio.co.uk.