Ultimate MKV Power Lead From MCRU

25th November 2019

The MCRU Ultimate was released five years ago, it now appears in a MKV version

The design includes an active earth shield and screening, “…to prevent pick up of RFI,” said the company.

Along with, “Quantum technology and our special internal filtering inside the mains plug and IEC connector.”

MCRU also fit a Synergistic Research Orange fuse – and a newly developed carbon-infused outer braiding to tackle RFI.

There’s also a new Furutech silver-plated mains plug and FI-48 NCF silver-plated IEC fitted as standard.

Price for 0.7m is £750. Other lengths can be purchased. 

To learn more, call 01484 538438 or click www.mcru.co.uk 

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