SOtM’s tX-USBultra: Give your USB signal a sonic clock boost

8th April 2017

With the SOtM’s tX-USBultra USB hub, the company may very well have a dodgy CAPS LOCK button on its keyboard but what’s it’s trying to tell us is that it has released a snazzy USB hub that regenerates those USB signals via an included clock module, the sCLK-EX. It can be used in between a music source such as a computer and a USB audio device

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 14.31.52

The simple chassis is populated by a power light and socket, Type B USB connector, two Type A USBs, each with an isolated power switch (one USB is recommend to be used at any one time – you can use both but sound will be degraded) and an optional external 10Mhz master clock output via BNC. No drivers are required.

Price is $990 (or $1,200 with the master clock connector).

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