Twist Classic Bi-Wire Speaker Cable 

24th May 2019

From Black Rhodium, Twist Bi-Wire Classic features a Contra Winding build process to lower noise

It also features double thickness insulation which, “…doubles the distance between current carrying conductors, reducing the strength of the magnetic field that each conductor imposes on the other,” said the company 

Twist Bi-Wire Classic uses two lengths of twist cable per channel, “…one for the high frequencies and one for the low frequencies,” said the company.

Twist Classic Bi-Wire Speaker Cable 

Positive and negative cores are wound in the opposite because Black Rhodium believe that this approach creates a lower noise floor, “When two pairs of cables are wound around each other there are two ways to do it. If the wire pairs are wound in the same way as their original twist, then the four cores will merge into each other, just as if the cable had been manufactured as a 4-core cable. If the cable pairs are wound in the direction opposite their original twist (Contra Winding), the cable looks more like a ‘weave’ with an uneven surface. But the music sounds clearer so the cable is wound with a ‘Contra Winding’,” said the company.

Twist Classic Bi-Wire Speaker Cable 

The cable is terminated with gold plated Z plugs. Price is £480 for 3m.

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