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TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

Wilson Audio’s smallest-ever speaker can be customised with accessories to suit the location, both aesthetically and acoustically

TuneTot draws its name and much of its design philosophy from the Wilson Audio Tiny Tot, a mid-1980s release. Designed by Wilson’s Special Applications Engineering team, the cabinets have been made from Wilson Audio’s proprietary X-material and S-material composites, incorporating a 146mm mid/bass driver and 25mm tweeter.

TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

You’ll find an asymmetric cabinet design – no two internal surfaces are parallel with austenitic stainless-steel spikes to isolate the speaker.

Available in five WilsonGloss colours created specifically for TuneTot – Quartz, Teak, Ivory, Carbon and Crimson – applied in Wilson Audio’s automotive-class paint facility.

TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

The units arrive with an optional TuneTot ISOBase platform made from a sandwich of Wilson Audio’s proprietary composites and newly developed polymers, finished in the same colour options as the speaker.

The TuneTot Grille is an optional extra, made from “acoustically transparent” fabric (available in six fabric colour options – Slate Grey, Parchment Grey, Black, Blanco, Le Mans Blue and Mocha) with a frame milled from Wilson Audio’s X-material composite.

TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

Those who prefer to expose the drivers rather than use a grille can instead purchase the TuneTot Ring, milled from 6061-T6 aluminium, to cover the mid/bass driver’s mounting hardware.

TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

The TuneTot Ring is available in four anodised colours – Steel Grey, Clear, Red or Black.

TuneTot Small Speakers From Wilson Audio

Available in the UK from July, price is £10,998 per pair. TuneTot ISOBase is £2,398 per pair, TuneTot Ring is £698 per pair and TuneTot Grille is £335 per pair.

To learn more, click www.absolutesounds.com or call 020 8971 3909.

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