Elysium Mono Power Amplifier: Valves from Trafomatic

29th December 2016

A cost-no-object pair of swish flagship monoblocks from Trafomatic Audio


The Elysium amplifier uses a Pure Class A DHT single-ended system via an Eimac 250TL output valve with 60W of Class A power per channel plus a EML 20b-V4 as a linear DHT and an EML 5Z3 rectifier.


The 250TL is directly coupled by the interstage transformer to the EML 20B-V4.


The glass cover that you can see in the accompanying images is constructed with both glass and wood.


Spanning a healthy 620 x 520 x 800mm, each power amplifier weighs in at a hefty 85kg. Price is $130,000.


To learn more, click www.trafomaticaudio.com