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Tivoli Colour Trio: PAL BT & PAL+ BT (DAB)

Tivoli Audio PAL BT and PAL+ BT (DAB) has announced a bunch of limited-edition colours, now that the sun is threatening to make an appearance

Tivoli Audio, has announced the 2018 limited edition PAL colour series. This spring/summer series consists of – now brace yourself for some simply super and fabulous colour codings here – Anise Flower, Lucite Green, and Deep Ocean Teal. You can open your eyes now.

Tivoli Colour Trio: PAL BT & PAL+ BT (DAB)

This announcement comes in anticipation of the next iteration of the DAB portable radio, PAL+BT.

Prices include:

For the PAL BT, £185 while the PAL+BT retails at £229.

Tivoli Colour Trio: PAL BT & PAL+ BT (DAB)

To learn more call 0800 0096213 or click www.sounddesigndistribution.co.uk 

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