Titan Audio Feel the Cable Force

7th July 2020

Titan Audio has announced a new mains cable range targeting source (low power) and high current cables

The new cables will have the existing model names but follow a new format.

Each model will have a source cable and a high current cable. 

Titan Audio Feel the Force

The high current versions will carry the name Signature. Hence, the Nyx & Nyx Signature, Helios and Helios Signature.

Titan Audio Feel the Force

More than that Helios, Helios Signature, Eros and Eros Signature will come with the option of adding the new Forcefield Technology – which sounds very Trekkie – to tackle RFI & EMI interference. 

Titan Audio Feel the Force

“The Forcefield technology can be added as an optional extra when purchasing your new cable, or you can add this at a later date, as both Helios & Eros models will come with Forcefield Technology Connectors so you can retro fit these at any time, said the company.

To read more about the Titan cables, click www.titanaudio.co.uk