Tisbury Audio Domino Phono Preamplifier: Made with…Hands

26th September 2017

Tisbury Audio has today released its first phono preamplifier: the Domino. Handmade in the UK, it arrives within an American walnut and aluminium enclosure

The new phono amplifier features four switchable gain settings (i.e. 40, 49, 58 and 67 dB) and two input load settings (47 Ohms and 47 kOhms), allowing it to be used with high output MM, low output MC or any cartridge in-between.

“Versatility was the main design goal,” said Wes Young of Tisbury. “Putting together a good turntable system can be a challenge, so we wanted the Domino to allow any cartridge to be paired with any amp, without compromising the sound or price. This is especially useful when pairing it with our Mini passive preamp, as you’ll always be able to set your ideal gain level.”

Price is £139. Low cost worldwide shipping is offered, along with a 15 day returns period and 2 year limited warranty.

More information and high resolution images are available at: www.tisburyaudio.co.uk