Teac PD-301 CD Player…With Added Radio

4th June 2016

TEAC has launched an all-aluminium alloy construction compact disc player with a built-in DAB/RDS FM tuner

A compact model, it measures just 215 x 61 x 232mm. The PD-301 is the latest addition to the Reference 301 series and features a quick-loading slot-in drive that will also decode home-made discs encoded with MP3 and WMA content.

For those who also want to play back WAV or AAC files, there’s a USB slot on the front panel for thumb drives. If your stored songs are accompanied by ID3 tags, the song and artists names are shown on the player’s own display (MP3, WMA and AAC files only).

Available in silver or black, the unit features a Burr-Brown PCM5142 DAC, while the chassis also sports coaxial and digital outputs. If, at a later stage, you decide you want to use the player as a digital transport partnered by an external DAC, you can (the Reference UD-301 has built-in 192kHz up-conversion).

The DAB/RDS FM tuner arrives with 20 presets plus upgrading potential. DAB/RDS FM signals received by the unit can be sent as digital signals (using the optical/coaxial outputs) from the player to an external DAC (16bit/44.1kHz resolution).The PD-301DAB with DAB/RDS FM tuner is priced at £349 while the PD-301 with RDS FM tuner only retails at £299.

To learn more, click www.teac-audio.eu/en/