TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

31st January 2020

The Danish company’s top end speakers feature a new Raidho ribbon tweeter

The new TD Series (Tantalum-Diamond, Tantalum is a rare metal) includes a brand new, upgraded version of the Raidho sealed ribbon tweeter. The new tweeter features a magnet system and a new rear chamber.

TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

The mid and bass drive units in the TD Series are also improved. A 1-micron layer of tantalum has been added to the drivers’ ceramic layer. 

TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

The resulting five-layer sandwich membrane is thus stiffer than that of Raidho’s diamond cones, while the new Tantalum layer also adds inner damping.

TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

The Tantalum layer also helps to conduct heat away from the voice coil.

TD Series speakers From Raidho in UK

Additionally, the mid and bass units of the TD1.2, 2.2, 3.2 and 3.8 models all feature a new patent-pending motor system.

The crossover has been reengineered too.


The Raidho TD Series is available now priced as follows:

TD1.2 2-way standmount £20,000

TD2.2 2.5-way compact floorstander £38,000

TD3.2 3-way floorstander £56,500

TD3.8 3-way floorstander £85,000

TD4.2 2.5-way floorstander £102,000

TD4.8 3-way floorstander P.O.A.

Prices shown are for black. Walnut Burr veneer and bespoke colours at extra cost.

For more information, click or call 05602 054 669.

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