Have a Taste and do it live at the isle of wight

2nd July 2016

Title: Whats Going On – Live at the Isle of Wight

Label: Eagle Vision

Running Time: 163 min

Despite the internal musical ructions between lead guitarist, Rory Gallagher and his rhythm section (the latter had been installed by the management to replace Gallagher’s original line-up) and, incidentally, Gallagher and his management over money and status and the poor quality of transport (Gallagher was proved right, the van they turned up in was broken into and drum accessories were stolen), the band put on quite a show.

This DVD is slightly frustrating, as does the separate CD because they each features tracks not available on the other. The DVD features eight tracks and the CD includes 10. The DVD doesn’t include the CD’s Blister On The Moon and I’ll Remember but the DVD includes three tracks from the German TV show, Beat Club plus three P3 mono audio only music videos.

In sonic terms, I’ve heard the CD which is rather bright in tone. Each instrument is pretty clinical while the soundstage is constricted and narrow but the disc translates the band’s energy very well. The same issue is heard on this DVD as the upper mids and treble can cause fingers to be inserted into ears during vocal and guitar crescendos. If you are forwarned and forearmed, though, and take this into account, then you should have a fine time because the image quality is very good indeed with plenty of shots of the audience and the surrounding area to add atmosphere to the occasion.

The German TV, Beat Club footage has been released before on a Beat Club box set compilation but is welcome nevertheless. Images are cleaner and richer on the German footage with greater colour saturation while the sound quality is a blessed relief! It’s a lot easier on the ear. Tracks seen here include Morning Sun, It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again and If The Day Was Any Longer. Here, we see Gallagher in a relaxed frame of mind and, while the band give a sparkling live performance, they are much more in control of what’s going on around them.

The three music video promos are fascinating period pieces covering I’ll Remember, What’s Going On and Born on the Wrong Side of Time. Sound varies in quality while image quality is decent.

All together, a good value package of real Gallagher rarities.