Takumi L Cartridge From Miyajima

27th August 2019

The company’s entry level stereo cartridge has emerged as an enhanced ‘L’ edition in an African Blackwood chassis

The new ‘L’ edition of Miyajima’s Takumi stereo moving coil cartridge is distinguished by a nude line contact stylus in place of the regular Takumi’s bonded elliptical stylus. The resulting lowered tip mass allows the Takumi L to deliver an extended frequency response of 20Hz-32kHz compared to the regular Takumi’s 20Hz-22kHz.

A patented ’cross ring’ design with a non-magnetic core is used instead of a tie-wire construction. The latter uses a pointed slide bar that locates the coil assembly from behind at its pivot point, which is also the centre point of the magnet, while  pushing the coil assembly against a compliant insert. This means that the coil assembly can pivot by a tensioning wire.

With a 2.3g tracking force, the cartridge weighs 8.9g and is priced at £2,450.

To learn more, click www.miyajima-lab.co.uk or call 01803 833 366.

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