Super OM 5E Cartridge From Ortofon

14th June 2019

The Super OM 5E has an improved generator system compared to the standard OM 5E

The improvements within the OM Series continue but now push towards the upper limits of its designation. That improved generator system is an example because it now uses the same split-pole pin technology that’s found on the 2M range.

Super OM 5E Cartridge From Ortofon

“Split pole pins reduce eddy current losses caused by magnetic hysteress, resulting in an extended, flat frequency, similar to that found on a moving coil cartridge,” said the company.

The Super OM 5E also features a tiny, removable weight above the mounting bracket. For standard tonearms, that’s left in place but for low-mass tonearms, you have the ability to remove the weight, reducing the cartridge weight to just 2.5g.

Super OM 5E Cartridge From Ortofon

The Super OM 5E features an elliptical stylus – hence the ‘E’ designation. Price is £70.

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