Sonus faber and the Maserati MC20 Cielo

5th July 2022

The speaker manufacturer inserts a 12-speaker system into the MC20 Cielo super car while adapting to its changing roof

Sonus faber’s technology has been optimised to fit the unique acoustic and positioning needs of the cabin, adjusting the sound based on the car’s roof positioning.

The Sonus faber High Premium audio system recognises the MC20 Cielo configuration.

It adapts automatically, updating time-alignment, equalisation and sound levels. 

The Sonus faber High Premium audio system comprises 12 speakers: two tweeters, two midrange and two woofers on the door panel, one tweeter and midrange in the centre dashboard, plus two tweeters and two midrange in the rear.

A top of the range model will set up back around $250,000.

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