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Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

The collection features eight models: Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto III, the floor-standing loudspeakers, Sonetto II and Sonetto I bookshelf loudspeakers, Sonetto Center II and Sonetto Center I, centre channel speaker options and the Sonetto Wall, an on-wall speaker which can be used as a main stereo, multichannel surround or LCR solution

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

For this project the team developed, “…new technologies for enclosure tuning, created new transducers, integrated new materials and refined the production chain,” said the company.

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

It inherits from the Olympica Collection a top in natural leather, hand-sewn and embellished by the branded Sonus faber logo. 

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

Next, for the first time in this price range, the new collection features the DAD (Damped Apex Dome) tweeter technology and a midrange complete with proprietary natural fibre recipe cone, previously only available on Olympica, Homage and Reference collections. 

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

The front baffle is an integral part of the cabinet creating a seamless structure with the curved sides. This form is accented by gun-metal finished aluminium. Solid aluminum hardware is used throughout the design. Down-firing reflex ports allow for forgiving room placement.

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

Sonetto collection is available in three finishes: matte white, piano black and wood 

The suggested retail prices for the collection are: 

• Sonetto VIII: € 6.000 

• Sonetto V: € 4.500 

• Sonetto III: € 3.500 

• Sonetto II: € 2.000 

• Sonetto I: € 1.500 

• Sonetto Center II: € 1.800 

• Sonetto Center I: € 1.000 

• Sonetto Wall: € 1.000 

• Sonetto Stand: € 450 

Sonetto Speaker Collection From Sonus Faber

To learn more, click www.sonusfaber.com  

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