Soundbar 10 From Canton With Dolby Atmos

30th August 2019

Canton’s new Soundbar 10 includes Dolby Atmos, is 7cm in height, has a depth of 10cm, 99cm long with a cabinet constructed from reinforced MDF plus a heat-treated glass top and metal grille at the front

In the centre, behind the glass, lies a touch-sensitive control panel. This is flanked by two speaker grilles, which cover upward-firing drive units.

Soundbar 10 From Canton With Dolby Atmos

There’s 300W powering an array of eight drive units in the Soundbar 10. Four bass drivers sport 79mm aluminium cones firing upwards, two of the four converting to full-range units when Dolby Atmos is engaged. These are joined by two front-facing midrange drivers with 50mm aluminium cones, together with a pair of 19mm fabric-dome tweeters. 

Soundbar 10 From Canton With Dolby Atmos

Bass, midrange and treble controls sit alongside three equaliser presets and Lipsync technology synchronises speech with the image on screen.

The Smart Soundbar 10 has Google Chromecast and Spotify Connect built in, enabling direct streaming over Wi-Fi from Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music, Deezer and TuneIn.

Soundbar 10 From Canton With Dolby Atmos

Hi-res audio is supported – up to 24bit/96kHz over Wi-Fi and 24bit/192kHz over HDMI.

The soundbar can be connected to other speakers via Wi-Fi to build a multi-speaker home cinema system or create a multi-room environment. For example, add a Canton Smart SUB 8 subwoofer, then add a pair of Smart Soundbox 3 speakers behind the viewing position – all without signal cables.

Soundbar 10 From Canton With Dolby Atmos

In socket terms, there’s four HDMI ports – three inputs and one output – all HDCP 2.2-compliant to enable transfer of 4K and HDR video. The HDMI output supports ARC, allowing those with a compatible TV to control the soundbar with its remote. The Smart Soundbar 10 also comes with its own handset.

Two digital audio inputs – one optical and one coaxial – supply further options, together with a stereo RCA analogue input. A dedicated subwoofer output is also included.

Available in the UK from September in a choice of black or silver, at £899.

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