Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier: Thoroughly Upgraded

4th January 2017

This venerable, Swiss-made, product has come over all toroidal with a wide ranging upgrade

The solid state, battery-powered, Silver Rock Phono was originally released in 2003. The basic topology was quite simple with four inductive elements per channel: a MC step-up at the beginning, followed by an active device including inductive RIAA crossover and finally an output transformer, which together reached 70dB of gain at 1KHz.

Over the last five years, the company has developed several products containing new toroidal core transformers.

“We gained knowledge in this specific field,” it said, “and decided to improve the Silver Rock Phono Amplifier, replacing all four inductive elements with toroidal cores.”

The power supply capacitors as well as the resistive elements were also improved

Lacquered black MDF chassis

£23,500 [approx]

Green Maple cabinet

£26,600 [approx]