Black Rhodium Silver Groove and Silver Groove DCT++CS turntable cables

23rd March 2017

Black Rhodium has launched two new high end tonearm cables. These join the Stylus and Stylus VS-2 tonearm DIN-terminated cables

Silver Groove and Silver Groove DCT++CS are new silver tonearm cables, hand-built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby.

Features include low ‘Proximity Effect’ magnetic field distortion, 99.99% pure silver conductor wires, low loss PTFE insulation for low dielectric absorption, RFI noise reduction technology and Rhodium-plated connectors.

248503. Silver Groove DCT - DIN

Silver Groove DCT – DIN

The Silver Groove DCT++CS features Deep Cryogenic Treatment of both cable and connectors, Crystal Sound Technology and Graham Nalty Vibration Stabilisers to reduce distortion.


Prices? Silver Groove DIN–RCA  1.3m, £1650; Silver Groove RCA–RCA  1.3m, £1650; Silver Groove DCT++CS DIN–RCA  1.3m, £2600 & Silver Groove DCT++CS RCA–RCA  1.3m, £2600.

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