Shawline Power Cable From Chord Company

10th April 2018

The Chord Company has expanded its ARAY-technology Shawline range with the introduction of a power cable

The Chord Company’s new Shawline Power cable offers an, “…improved conductor…” derived from a thicker stranded core. It uses 3 x 14 AWG high-purity multi-strand copper conductors in a parallel layout, with a dual-layer floating shield.

Shawline Power Cable From Chord Company

There’s a dual-layer high-frequency-effective braid and foil combination outer shielding system to protect against RF plus internal and external PVC insulation with a high mechanical damping factor.

The cable is available fitted with 10- or 16-amp IEC plugs, engineered by, “… a specialist company to The Chord Company’s specification,” said the company. Euro/Schuko, Australian and USA mains plugs are available to order. Standard lengths include 1m, 1.5m and 2m. Custom lengths and terminations are also available.

Shawline Power is available now at 1m, £200; 1.5m, £250 and 2m, £300.

To learn more, call 01980 625700 or click

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