Music First Audio Senlac SJE monoblocks 

19th October 2017

A 100W, class AB Mosfet power amplifier, it is available with silver, black or blue front panels

The Music First Audio Senlac SJE power amplifier is named after the hill just outside Hastings. William of Normandy marched to it before the Battle of Hastings. It’s also a couple of miles from the Music First Audio workshop. This amplifier design climbs a hill all of its own by tackling an alternative approach to build and approach.

“The traditional solution to a 100W output stage,” said the company, “is to use multiple small power devices in parallel. But that is adding complexity. We reduce the complexity by using one single pair of large output devices. It’s expected to provide constant current, while the voltage across it changes. This again is obvious but shows that its being asked to do two things.”

So this new design does one job, providing constant current while adding a buffer to do the second part. The only job the buffer has is to hide the changing voltage from the current source.

“The buffer is not providing gain, it is just a buffer, so even if the voltage across it varies, it doesn’t matter,” added the company. Price is £5,880

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