Russ Andrews Accessories BMU3000 Balanced Mains Unit

22nd April 2016

Russ Andrews Accessories has introduced the New BMU3000 Balanced Mains Unit to provide 3kVA of clean power to hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Working on the same principle as balanced audio signals, where the audio signal is split into two halves, negative and positive, the BMU3000 splits the 230V mains signal into two separate 115V supplies. One is carried on the live and the other on the neutral and as each is a different polarity (negative or positive) the noise on one is cancelled out by the noise on the other.

The unit is equipped with twin 1500V SuperSilent transformer technology, to provide the total 3kVA of power. Five Russ Andrews UltraSocket mains outlets on the rear of the unit enable connection of the hi-fi or home cinema equipment directly to the unit – thereby acting as a mains extension as well as the balanced mains supply. Mains input is via a 16A IEC socket and is protected by use of a high quality two-pole (live and neutral) circuit breaker. Price is 3,599.

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