Inside Rega: Text, Images and Video from Roy Gandy and the RP8

24th January 2017

Rega control much of the budget and low cost turntable market and have been in business since the 70s. Their Southend HQ produces, in excess of, 4,000 turntables per month.

The Planar 1 and Planar 3 tend to received all of the attention in terms of media press but the RP8 is just as important. The plinth uses custom materials, the RB808 tonearm, a 24V low voltage motor controlled by a customised hand tuned electronic power supply, a triple layer float glass platter and a re-designed and improved version of the Planar 9 precision engineered hub bearing assembly.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 16.07.03

You can also add the Rega Apheta moving coil cartridge (factory fitted).

Rega’s own Simon Webster described the process of making one. You can access this video film created by my chums over at Vinyl Factory HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 16.01.29

Not only that, you can read a full interview that Vinyl Factory’s own gentleman and scholar, Anton Spice, undertook with Rega boss, Roy Gandy and see their photos from inside the factory HERE.