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Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ Servers Revised

New, revised versions of these servers include new production facilities, a new facelift and some revised features

Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ Servers Revised

Nucleus and Nucleus+ units are now being manufactured at a new production facility in California, USA, and in the move Roon Labs have taken the opportunity to revise the chassis into a wider, deeper and shallower form, while retaining the same passive cooling system as the previous iteration.

Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ Servers Revised

The internal layout has also been changed to allow for internal SATA drives up to 15mm deep (the previous version could only accommodate 9mm drives) and the inclusion of a second HDMI output on the back panel. 

Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ Servers Revised

There is also more eco-friendly packaging used with the new version.

Roon Nucleus/Nucleus+ Servers Revised

Roon Labs has managed to retain the same price as the original version and stock is available across the UK during September 2019. 

Prices are £1,500 for the Nucleus and £2,500 for the Nucleus+

To find your local Roon retailer, please visit www.henleyaudio.co.uk  

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  • Reply
    Trevor George
    16th January 2022 at 8:16 pm

    Dear Paul

    I really liked and found your newsletter on Roon nucleus very interesting and I would be extremely grateful for some help and advice.

    I am looking to improve how I listen to my digital music collection and need some sound advice before I jump and make expensive mistakes !!

    I’m looking at the nucleus plus, a DAC and speakers.

    Currently I have @ 1TB on iTunes on dell pc and listen to this via an iPod on a Harmen Karden player.

    I like the idea and look of roon and would use an iPad mini as controller so I can see all the biogs, album covers and exras roon offers.

    I’d like a simple stand alone set up. Copy my digital library onto a nucleus plus, connect to a DAC and link to desk top speaker(s). Use ipad mini as controller and view roon.

    My worry and confusion is what DAC and also speaker(s) to choose??? So many and so many different prices. What best suits working with the nucleus and speakers ??

    I’m thinking of a budget spend @£7000 for cost of nucleus plus, DAC and speakers. But would like advice if that was far too much or if more would be a better purchase to be futureish proof.

    I hope this is not presumptuous of me to ask you and your team but I seen your reviews and enjoyed your impartial expert advice.

    Thank you, appreciatively

    Trevor George

    • Reply
      Paul Rigby
      18th January 2022 at 10:58 am

      Have you undertaken any demos? For the sort of money you’re talking about, I highly recommend arranging a suite of demos with a dealer as part of your research. I’m happy to help too but I’d like to see you listening to as many DACs and speakers as possible before making a final decision. If you have already heard a selection of hardware, what thoughts do you have?

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