AK CD-Ripper MKII: Touch-Button Ripping

6th November 2017

AK CD-Ripper Mk.II delivers CD music to the Astell&Kern player with a single touch. The new model supports, “…an enhanced design for more complete ripping,” said the company

By setting up the ripping options in advance, you can connect the gun metal coloured AK CD-Ripper Mk.II and touch the CD ripping icon to begin.

The connected Astell&Kern music player will access Gracenote’s servers and automatically write the corresponding music information and album cover to the ripped music files. You also have the option to manually enter metadata such as album title, artist, genre and year of release for CD information that is not available on Gracenote.

Furthermore, you can set the ripping speed (normal/fast/very fast) and file format (WAV/FLAC) through the settings menu.

The main aluminium body’s insertion slot for the CD is now a rectangular shape and has an increased weight to, “…effectively limit vibrations,” said the company. The triangular support damper under the body uses a spring structure to manage vibrations resulting from CD rotation. Price is £399.

To read more, click us.astellnkern.com