Blue Horizon Integrated RIAA Filter: To Burn-in your phono stage

29th July 2017

The compact RIAA Filter allows you to directly connect your CD player to your phono stage, put a CD on repeat and burn in a new phono amplifier

To ‘break in’ a phono stage, new owners normally need to play vinyl for many hours. Unlike playing a CD player on repeat to break in such a digital box, doing the same with a phono amp means record and cartridge wear. In addition to actually being there to play the record in the first place.

RIAA Filter 1

The Blue Horizon RIAA Filter you can now directly connect your CD player to your phono stage and put CDs on repeat. The company actually recommends utilising the IsoTek Full System Enhancer CD (£30 if bought separately) that also features a dedicated Phono Stage burn-in track.

RIAA Fliter 2

So, how does it work? You plug the Blue Horizon RIAA filter into the input sockets of your phono stage and connect your CD player using standard RCA connectors and interconnect cable.


The 4-track CD contains high and low frequency test tones, calibrated to a carefully designed mathematical algorithm to fully burn-in and demagnetise your audio or AV system. The first two tracks can be used for all audio systems using CD as the source. The third track is specially designed to condition phono stages. Finally, the fourth track is designed to exercise the full dynamic range of 24bit high-res music server system. Prices are:

RIAA & Burn-in CD:   £99.95
RIAA:  £89.95

To learn more, click or call 0118 981 4238