Reel-to-reel outfit, The Tape Project, announced’s two editions

21st November 2015

Reel-to-reel outfit, The Tape Project, has announced two new editions to its library.

Jacqui Naylor’s album, The Number White, was recorded entirely on analogue tape, from tracking on 16-track 2-inch tape in the Bill Putnam-built Coast Recorders studio in San Francisco, then the title was mixed to 1-inch two-track tape by Michael Romanowski and mastered by Paul Stubblebine. The finished album was then duplicated in real time on 1/4-inch tape at the Tape Project’s Tape Shed.

Next? Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. In the 1980’s Jerry Garcia started hanging out over at David Grisman’s house to play together just for fun, sharing the music they both loved. Grisman had a studio in his home and both men would do their jamming in the studio, often with two of the musicians from Grisman’s group, with the tape rolling.

They did this informal recording over a period of several years, while the pile of their tapes grew. Eventually Garcia suggested that Grisman release the recordings on David’s label, Acoustic Disc. This is the first selection that David pulled from that extensive library.

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