QED XT25: New, Low Cost loudspeaker cable 

30th November 2017

The XT25 cable features a hollow LDPE filler covered by a host of OFC copper of 99.999% purity. That lot is covered by aluminium Mylar and the entire casing is protected by a clear LDPE outer jacket. Oh, and for audiophile cable? It’s dirt cheap to buy

I normally like lots of detail in a press release to be able to fully explain the product to your good self.

QED XT25 Speaker Cable

When QED announced this cable, it also drowned me in techie information including a 40-page Sound of Science White Paper and additional techie info of the length I used to read while studying for my A-Levels.

And all for a set of cables of £6 per metre unterminated. QED is darned proud of its new cables but I’m not going to drown you in detail.

QED XT25 Speaker Cable

Suffice to say that the cables include: X-Tube technology, enhanced, says the company, to provide better responses for high frequency music; low-loss dialectric which means that the energy in the cable doesn’t die a death, losing detail and more and that fine copper I mentioned above. There. I’ve saved you about 50 pages of reading.

QED XT25 Speaker Cable

XT25 will cost approximately £6 per linear metre unterminated. Cold-welded termination with QED’s Airloc 4mm plugs or spades would normally cost around £5 per plug. This makes a 3m pair of terminated cables around £70.

And look, do yourself a favour. If you see a member of the QED team walking down the road. Don’t ask them the time. You’ll be there all day.

For more information, call 01279 501111 or click www.qed.co.uk