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PTP Audio Blok20: What Happens When You Get Bored

PTP Audio’s owner and designer, Peter Reinders, only decided to build this amplifier after receiving and playing with several LM1875 chips

It’s a 20W ‘Minimalist Integrated Solid State Amplifier’, apparently with not a great deal going on inside.

Basically, the amplifier circuit comprises of one chip and three resistors with a point-to-point wired amplifier section and, according to the company an, “…extremely short signal path.”

Three line level inputs are featured and a large 300VA toroidal transformer is included  while wiring is, “…high purity silver-plated copper with teflon insulation.”

The amp spans 170 x 175 x 200mm, weighs 8kg and arrives in a  solid Corian housing. Price is €2,250.

To learn more, click www.ptpaudio.com/blok20

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