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PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

Gold Note has announced the launch of the PSU-10 EVO, the new external power supply designed for the DS-10 and DS-10 PLUS streaming DACs

Available in black, silver and gold, it sports aluminium panels as a shield against RFI and EMI.

PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

You’ll also find the usual air vent design and the same size and finish of the rest of the Series 10.

PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

The PSU-10 EVO features a 4-transformer power supply stage and, “…ultra-low-noise voltage regulators,” said the company. 

PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

Three transformers are dedicated to the power supply and another is aimed at the inductive filter. 

PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

The Dual Choke Hybrid design features an inductive filter on the analogue stage and is powered by a double inductor, driving both the negative and positive stages.

PSU-10 Evo From Gold Note 

“The technology developed for the PSU-10 EVO filters the current to eliminate interference and electrical noise from the AC power system achieving the ideal insulation from electrical noise and providing ultra-clean power,” added the company.

Spanning 200 x 80 x 260mm and weighing in at 4kg, price is €1,100.

Watch the video here:

Read more on www.goldnote.it/psu-10-evo

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