Pro-Ject 6 Perspex: Now Upgraded to SB 

13th October 2016

The 6 Perspex turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems takes the same proven design as its predecessor but utilises an upgraded motor

The new perimeter drive-belt mechanism has been inspired by the recent introduction of the RPM 10 Carbon turntable, which uses a fully-decoupled motor. With the 6 Perspex SB, the motor sits within its own cut-out inside the main plinth, lined with damping material.

The motor itself is an AC design, which is regulated by its own built-in speed controller. This speed controller not only offers switching between 331/3 and 45rpm but it also generates a new sine wave for the motor.


The turntable’s sub-chassis is made of Corian, a solid-surface material. The sandwich platter rides on the sub-chassis utilising an inverted main bearing, which combines a stainless-steel axle with a ceramic ball.

The platter is finished with a threaded spindle, to accommodate the supplied screw-able record clamp.


The 11kg 6 Perspex SB is finished with Pro-Ject’s 9CC Evolution tonearm with a one-piece 230mm conical carbon fibre tube, TPE-damped counterweights and an inverted bearing design. Price is £1,300.


UK customers can have an Ortofon Quintet Black S (£400) or Cadenza Red cartridge (£550) installed for extra.

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